Behavior to and from School

Students are expected to display safe and courteous behavior to and from school and in the classroom. Students must not trespass on private property en-route to school or home.

Classroom Expectations

At Bell we believe that every student has a right to learn, and every teacher has a right to teach. A positive school climate is essential to creating a learning environment where students can "Reach, Achieve, and Succeed" as depicted in our school motto. Conducting ourselves in a responsible and respectful manner is a crucial element in developing this environment. Towards this endeavor, it is understood that Bell's values reflect that students will:

  1. Be present, on time, and prepared to work

  2. Keep their hands, feet, and possessions to themselves

  3. Not put others down


There are wonderful opportunities throughout the year for students to attend informational and educational assemblies. In order to continue offering these experiences, students are expected to behave in a cooperative and respectful manner and follow the guidelines below:

  1. Walk in an orderly manner to the auditorium and enter through the rear door

  2. Proceed quickly and efficiently to your assigned area

  3. Fill in every chair

  4. Place your belongings under your chair

  5. Stand in a quiet and respectful manner for the Pledge of Allegiance

  6. Polite applause, when appropriate, is appreciated during the program

  7. Do not display inappropriate behavior, such as yelling, whistling, and stomping

Field Trips

Educational field trips may be a part of your student's educational program. Information regarding these will be sent home, along with parent permission slips, as needed. No student will be allowed to participate in a field trip unless a signed permission slip has been submitted and approval is received from all classroom teachers.

Campus Cleanliness and Beautification

  1. Litter Disposal Keep our campus clean! Place discarded paper goods in the blue recycling bins in classrooms and place trash in the trashcans. Students are responsible for putting their trash in the trashcans at lunch and at other times during the day.

  2. Permanent Markers Permanent markers are not allowed on campus and will be confiscated.

  3. Violation Consequences Failure to dispose of trash properly, graffiti, and vandalism will result in the notification of parents. Such acts may result in a referral, the lowering of citizenship grades, detention, campus clean up, and possible suspension/arrest for damage to school property. In addition the parent/guardian is liable for all damages caused by the minor up to $10,000 (Education Code 48904).

Other Suspendable Offenses

  1. Defiance/Verbal Abuse: Defiance refers to the refusal by a student to follow the directions of any school employee. This includes refusal to give legal name; to accompany the employee to the office; to give accurate, truthful information; or failure to attend disciplinary assignments. Verbal abuse refers to the use of vulgar words or phrases or other types of language which are considered uncomplimentary or demeaning when used toward another person. Consequences: The penalties for defiance will range from detention to a recommendation for expulsion. Students who use profanity directed toward any adult on campus will be suspended.

  2. Displays of Affection: Defining inappropriate kissing, touching, and hugging is difficult. The school's position is that a friendly hug, holding hands, or a quick "peck" are acceptable. Behavior that goes beyond those guidelines is inappropriate at school. Consequences: Students involved will be warned about their behavior. A parent conference or suspension may be required, if the behavior continues and becomes defiant.

  3. Gang Symbols: No student will use any words or nonverbal gestures, hand-signs, writings, etc., showing gang membership, affiliation or support. Consequences: Incidents may lead to suspension, arrest by the police, and/or removal from school.

  4. Hate Crimes: No student may injure, intimidate, interfere with, oppress, or threaten any student because of that student's race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, gender or sexual orientation. Consequences: Any student found guilty of an act of hate violence will be suspended from school and the police may be contacted to take further action.

  5. Intimidation: Intimidation is defined as threatening, harassing or frightening another student to the extent that the student's learning environment is disrupted. Consequences: A student who is found guilty of intimidating behavior may be suspended from school.

  6. Technology Misuse/Abuse: Bell Middle School has a Technology Access Contract which students must complete. This contract supports the use of technology for instructional purposes. The use of the Wide Area Network and the Internet is a privilege, not a right. Consequences: Inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of use privileges.

  7. Vandalism: Vandalism is the intentional damage or destruction of property. This act includes, yet is not limited to, writing on, defacing, breaking or damaging any school, public, or private property. Graffiti is vandalism. Consequences: Vandalizing the school will lead to cleanup, possible suspension or arrest by the police and removal from the school. In addition, the student, parent, or guardian will be liable for damages.


Students are not allowed to bring radios; MP3 players; CD players; video games; televisions; laser pens; or paging devices to school at any time. According to the California Education Code, the possession or use of electronic signaling devices (beepers) by students is prohibited on school premises, at school-sponsored activities, and any time while students are under the supervision of district employees. Items will be confiscated from students and returned to parents only. Board of Education policy allows the use of cell phones for emergency purposes only, before school begins and after school ends. Cell phones must be kept out of sight and turned off except before and after school.


Besides the electronic devices described above, the following items are not allowed at Bell Middle School:

  1. Personal items such as notebooks, caps, hats, clothing, book bags, etc. with offensive, profane, gang related or abusive language, symbols, words or graffiti.

  2. Permanent markers.


To prevent serious injury to students and staff, students are not allowed to ride bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, or scooters on the Bell campus at any time of the day, including weekends. If you bring your bicycle on campus, walk your bike on school grounds and lock your bike in the bike racks located in the bungalow area. It should be noted that state law requires all minors to wear a bicycle helmet. Consequences: If you ride on campus, your equipment will be confiscated and given to a vice principal. Repeated offenders will be cited.

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